Luke – Week 43

Luke Week 43

I can’t believe Luke will be a one-year-old in just 9 weeks! For the past 43 weeks Sarah and I have been taking Luke’s weekly photos just as we did with his older brother Noah.  Most days it is an absolute blast taking his photos and other days…well…let’s just say it was easier taking Noah’s than Luke’s. Sometimes (who am I kidding), all the time, big brother wants to be the center of attention so the process is a little hurried. It is still a lot of fun nonetheless. Our inspiration for the project came from Young House Love’s photo project with their daughter. We probably spent more than anticipated on the weekly fabric, but it was well worth it. Sarah has started a quilt for Noah using his weekly fabrics and eventually wants to make one for Luke too. Below is a video we made for Noah’s first birthday using all the photos. If you want to see all of their photos check out my Projects page.