Agnes Mae : Newborn Photography

This past weekend I had the privilege to photograph my niece Agnes Mae. I am so thankful that her mom and dad entrusted me to capture these moments. This was my second attempt at newborn photography. All things considered I think they turned out well, but I definitely learned a few things and have a long way to go if I were to focus on newborn photography. My first attempt at newborn photography was with our second son Luke. Sarah (my wife) and I were not very concerned with how much time it took, but let me tell you timing is crucial! Here are a few more things I learned this time around:

+ Be prepared with props (blankets, pillows, bean bag, hats, clothing, etc)
+ Pay attention to the lighting (time of day, side of house, windows, external flash)
+ Pre-planning the poses and when you do particular poses matters
+ Make sure it is quiet and warm for baby

If you have attempted newborn photography and especially if you do it professionally I would love your feedback in the comment section. What have you found to be helpful in newborn shoots? Do you notice any “opportunities for growth” in my images? Technically? Compositionally?  Also, I’d love to hear from anyone which image is your favorite!

Agnes Mae (B&W).13     Agnes Mae (Color).01

Agnes Mae (Color).02     Agnes Mae (B&W).03

Agnes Mae (B&W).04      Agnes Mae (Color).05

Agnes Mae (B&W).06      Agnes Mae (Color).07

Agnes Mae (Color).11      Agnes Mae (Color).14


10 thoughts on “Agnes Mae : Newborn Photography

  1. My favorite is the second row- black and white pic on the right. The pose is just so sweet! And she’s got a peaceful little smile. What a cutie! Great pics- all of them.

  2. These are great and you work with light and positions well. I would play around with scale and framing. Most of these are similar compositionally (in the sense of how much she fills the frame), maybe play around with having a larger background area, having the subject more to the side. If you want to geek out Google composition theory and the golden ratio.

    • Thanks Natalie. That is helpful. I tend to compose very similarly across photos. Thanks for the challenge. I’ve never really liked Fibonacci’s ratio but that’s probably because I just don’t get it. Need to learn it. Thanks again!


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