In the past few weeks I think I have taken some photos that are better than some on my Best 20 page. I would love to get your feedback. Which two or three images below do you think are the strongest and which two or three images on my Best 20 page should be replaced? Leave a comment and feel free to share this post with others. This critiquing process will not only help me grow, but also learn what types of images people are drawn to. Feel free to tell me why you chose what you did.  Thanks!

Corin Armelli-13

Corin Armelli-14

Corin Armelli-18

Corin Armelli-29

Agnes Mae (Color).02

Agnes Mae (B&W).03

Agnes Mae (Color).05

Agnes Mae (Color).14



One thought on “Help!

  1. The black and white of Agnes. I am definitely drawn to this one. It is soft and peaceful and universal. I don’t know which I would replace, but that one is a top lister for sure.


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