Hello, my name is Jamie. I love photography and the lack of space on my hard drive proves it. I have always wanted to create a space online for my photography besides your typical photo sharing websites. While I still post to those sites, I want a space where I can create, share, fail, grow and become a better photographer. I have several goals in starting this blog. Mostly, I want to take my camera more places and create great photos. The photos posted here will not be my best shots, but hopefully what is learned here will help me make better photographs down the road. While I hope to narrow my focus and discover my photography niche, I also want to break out of the normal routine and try new things. This will be a place where I can experiment with camera settings, composition, lighting, depth of field, and much more.

I have put this off far too long. Now is the time to let go of the perfectionism and the “I can’t do this” attitude that has prevented me from jumping into this. My hope is you will help me on this journey. So, share… comment… critique… but remember…be kind!

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