Week 13

Kate Week 13



We are officially outnumbered! With the birth of our sweet baby girl it’s no longer two on two. We now have to play zone defense. Kate’s arrival was a great excuse to get my camera out again, which I have not used nearly as much as I would like. Sarah and I are looking forward to taking her weekly photos just like we did with our boys, except this time I have a feeling her backgrounds will have a little more sugar and spice and all things nice. Sarah and I had a lot of fun taking some newborn shots yesterday as well.  Let me know what you think. I’m always looking for good constructive criticism or suggestions for editing my photos. Isn’t she lovely?!

Kate Newborn Basket-1


The newness hasn’t worn off. Our boys would play on this swing set all day. Seeing these smiles was a great excuse to get my camera out again. It’s so much fun watching our boys become best buds. The older Luke gets the more they are able to do things together.  This was one of those rare instances where it didn’t turn into a scuffle and tears. I don’t want to forget these moments.







Library Books

Admittedly, it has been too long since my last post, but I had to grab my camera this morning when Noah was reading to his little brother. Although Luke doesn’t quite have the attention span that Noah did at his age, he loves it when big brother reads to him.  Of course we love to see our boys reading and learning. We also love those moments when they are not doing what brothers do best … you know what I’m talking about.

Library books

Library books

Library books

Library books

Library books

Library books

Luke’s First Year!

I still can’t believe this guy turned one on Saturday! Just like with Noah, Sarah and I have loved watching our second little man grow up before our very eyes through this weekly photo project. He brings so much joy to our family with his spunkiness and smiles. As I’ve mentioned before it wasn’t always easy taking these photos with a threenager running around, but it was so worth it. It is certainly something we will treasure for years to come. We love you Luke Isaac and are thankful God blessed us with you. We’re glad we get to be the ones to watch you grow!

Thanks to Young House Love for the inspiration for the project and other DIY projects we’ve worked on over the years. Also a big thank you to JJ Heller for the great tunes. If you haven’t heard her music you must check her out and if you have little ones get the I Dream of You album.